Beethoven's Fidelio - Act I Duet

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Director:  Tom Truhitte

Conductor:  Jonathan Hodel

Accompanist:  Bruce Olstead

Marzelline - Graciela Gonzalez

Jaquino - Bill Welch



In a prison, Marzelline, Daughter of the jailer Rocco, Rejects the attentions of her father's assistant, Jaquino, who hopes to marry her.  Her heart is set instead on the new errand boy, Fidelio.  The latter, a hardworking lad, arrives with provisions and dispatches and is disttressed by Marzelline's interest in him, especially since it has the blessing of Rocco.  Fidelio is in fact Leonore, a noblewoman of Seville who has come to the jail disguised as a boy to find her husban, Florestan, a political prisoner languishing somewhere in chains.