Puccini's Sour Angelica - Act I

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Director: Irene Dalis

Assistant Director:  Heather Calvette

Conductor:  David Rohrbaugh

Assistant Conductor:  Barbara Christman

Monitor - Laura Twelves

Sister Angelica - Cassandra Black

Lay Sister I - Makiko Kegeyama

Lay Sister II - Paula Chacon

Novice - Christine Fontana

Mistress of the Novices - Brigitte Doss-Johnson

Sister Lucilla - Tiffany Unarce

Sister Dolcina - Carrie Caldwell

Sister Justine - Justine Thorpe

Sister Ida - Ida York

Sister Genevieve - Jennifer Meola

Sister Osmina - Jill Glon

Sister Tiffany - Tiffany Unarce

Sister - Jill Glon

Nursing Sister - Tiffany Unarce

Cook - Tiffany Unarce

Tourieres I - Justine Thorpe

Tourieres II - Ida York



An Italian convent in the latter part of the 17th Century.  Sister Angelica, the daughter of a noble Florentine family, has taken the veil to expatiate the scandal of her illegitimate child.  Seven years she has spent in the seclusion of the convent, alternating between repentance and longing for the child she has never known.  It is a spring evening in the courtyard of the convent.  The Ave Maria can be heard from the church.  The Sister Monitor admonishes two lay-sisters who were late for the service.  Sister Angelica tends the flowers.  Sister Genevieve points to the sunlight gliding the water of the fountain, a phenomenon, the Mistress of the Novices explains, that they witness on only three evenings each may.  Genevieve suggests that they take some of the golden water to the grave of the recently deceased Sister Bianca Rosa for that surely would be her desire.  Angelica remarks that desires are the flowers of the living.  The Monitor boasts that she has no desires and others hurry to agree.  But several sisters declare their various, innocent longings.  And Angelica?  What does she wish for?  Nothing she says.  The nuns believe otherwise.  The Nursing Sister rushes in to say that sister Chiara has been stung by wasps and Angelica hurriedly gathers herbs for a poultice.  There is news of a carriage outside the gate.  Angelica, gripped by anxiety, asks for details of the carriage, then prays that the visit may be for her.