Verdi's Falstaff - Act II Quartet

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Director:  Sandra Rubalcava

Conductor:  David Rohrbaugh

Accompanist:  Bruce Olstead

Alice Ford - Sheila Savage

Meg Page - Christine Fontana

Nanetta - Suzanne Butler

Quickly - Monica Barnes



The women are making fun of Falstaff when Quickly arrives and tells Alice that he will be there very soon:  between two and three.  They quickly start making preparations for Falstaff's visit:  they bring a screen, a lute, and a laundry basket into the room, while they're making jokes about Falstaff.  Only Nanetta isn't jolly, because her father wants to marry her to Dr. Caius.  Alice tells her that she need not worry:  they will find a way to prevent Ford's plan.