Verdi's Falstaff - Act I scene ii

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Director:  Jonathan Hodel

Conductor:  David Rohrbaugh

Fenton - Pedro Ledesma

Ford - Joseph Wright

Caius - Josh La Force

Bardolfo - Bill Welch

Pistola - Ben Lang

Alice Ford - Cassandra Black

Nanetta - Elissa Amador

Quickly - Monica Barnes

Meg Page - Paula Chacon




Falstaff has written two love letters with which to seduce two rich civilian ladies, Mrs. Ford and Mrs. Page, so that he may obtain both their love and money.  The letters have been delivered to Alice Ford and Meg Page.  Alice, Meg, Mrs. Quickly and Alice's daughter Nanetta meet, and Alice immediately starts telling her the strange story about the letter she has just received.  Everyone is amazed when Meg tells that she has received the same letter.  The women then compare the letters and discover that they are identical.  This calls for revenge and they decide to punish that roguish Falstaff.


At that moment Ford, Fenton, Caius, Pistola, and Bardolfo appear.  The two groups spot each other and Alice prays caution:  Ford is a jealous man, he mustn't find out about their plans.  Similarly Ford bids the men to be cautious:  the women shouldn't overhear them.  Both groups therefore withdraw, leaving only Fenton and Nanetta on the stage to exchange a quick and forbidden kiss.  The women temporarily reappear to discuss their plan, but withdraw again when they see Fenton and Nanetta exchange another kiss.  The men reappear:  Pistola and Bardolfo tell Ford the details of Falstaff's plan and promise to help Ford.  The ensemble discusses Falstaff's downfall, while Fenton and Nanetta sing about their love.